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Radiant Heating


"The most innovative, reliable, affordable and energy-efficient heating system available on the market today.”

Pureheat Technologies Zero Co2 Emissions

Zero CO2 Emissions

All our panels are carbon neutral, which will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Pureheat Radiant Panels, combined with electricity from solar PV or wind, offer a heating system that is 100% carbon-free

Pureheat Panels Fire Rated to European Standards

Fire Rated to European Standards

All Pureheat radiant heat panels have been fire tested and certified to EN 60695-11-5:2005.

Pureheat panels provide Instant Heat

Instant Heat

With a minimum efficiency level of 98.5%, our panels are supremely energy-efficient, reaching maximum temperature within 5 minutes, meaning lower power consumption and reduced bills.

Pureheat panels Lifetime Maintenance Free

Lifetime Maintenance Free

No moving parts equals no maintenance and a long service life with a 5 year warranty as standard. 

Pureheat panels Smart Technology Compatible

Smart Technology Compatible

Pureheat Approved controls take advantage of the latest wireless technology to integrate your Pureheat Radiant Panels into a smart, state-of-the-art, energy-saving heating system.

Pureheat 25 Year Lifetime Guarantee

Durable Lifelong Product

Our radiant heat panels offer savings of up to 71% compared to other heating systems, come with a 60-month guarantee and are designed to last a lifetime.


Lifecycle Cost Comparison

An independent lifecycle assessment was carried out on a selection of the most widely used heating technologies to identify the energy efficiency and cost benefits of PureHeat Radiant Heat Panels. 

A PureHeat panel was compared with oil boilers, natural gas boilers, heat pump technologies and electric storage heaters for a two-story detached house in Dublin. The house has a floor area of 228m2 and is assumed to have a heat load of 20W/m2 for the baseline calculation.* 

Lifecycle data was generated using RETScreen, an energy assessment software that includes heating and cooling degree days as part of the calculations, providing a more realistic evaluation of the heating requirements on a month-by-month basis, over an operational life of 15 years. 

The assessment takes into account installed costs plus operation and maintenance costs of the heating system together with a levelised cost of energy (LCOE) for the project’s 15 year duration.

Installed cost takes into account purchasing, installation and commissioning, and plays a significant part overall lifecycle analysis.
Home Heating Panels
Operation and maintenance costs include the cost of fuel and regular maintenance of the heating technology to ensure its efficiency, again for the project’s duration. The levelised cost of energy is a method used to quantify the cost of outputting one unit of energy by each system. 

*Based on selected SEAI recommendations, using RETScreen localised climate data to calculate energy use.

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Comparative system lifecycle costs and the levelised cost of energy over 15 years.


Wide Range of Suitable Applications.