Pure 500 Ceiling Grid

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Our Pure 500 Ceiling Tile Panels have been specifically designed for discreet installation in suspended ceilings for offices and other commercial applications.

Measuring 595mm x 595mm x 30mm, panels simply replace existing ceiling tiles, delivering heat exactly when and where it’s needed saving both energy and cost.

In conjunction with smart monitoring systems, occupancy sensors and other building management services, further energy and cost savings can be realised.

Product Pure 500 Ceiling Grid
Dimensions 595mm x 595mm x 30mm
Weight 2kg
Element Type Etched Foil
Power Rating 500w
Voltage 220v / 240v
Max. Surface Temperature 120°C
Av. Surface Temperature 112°C
Lifespan 25 yrs
Efficiency >98%
Ceiling Height 2.5m
Serviceable Area / Volume 9m2 / 20m3
Min. Mounting Height 1.7m
Mounting Position Horizontal
Mounting Options Ceiling Grid
Warranty 5 yrs


All Pureheat radiant heat panels have been fire tested and certified to EN 60695-11-5:2005.

Weight 1 kg
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